Attention Dumas School District Parents: Dumas School District is a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) denoted school.

1.) This means that during the day (at school) all kids eat free regardless of income/etc.

2.) Because our school is CEP, any household that received SNAP or EBT WILL automatically receive $40 per child per 3 month summer period as a summer nutrition bonus.

3.) For households NOT receiving SNAP or EBT benefits already, but would like to see if your child/children qualifies because you are under the "CEP umbrella because of the school", you CAN fill out the application to see if your child/children will receive the summer benefit. They will verify income to determine yes/no. Letters and applications will be sent home.

Applications can be turned in at a DHS Local County Office or emailed to SummerEBT@dhs.arkansas.gov

Please contact a DHS Local County Office with any questions regarding the Summer EBT program.

For online applications, use the following link: Application